• Question:What's the relationship between Soprema and Flag
  • Answer:FLAG was founded in 1963, is specialized in the production of polymer membranes Italian company. In 2007 the company was acquired by the French waterproofing material company Soprema , and became an important proudct line under Soprema Group .
  • Question:What kind of company Soprema is like ?What does it produce ?
  • Answer:Soprema was founded in 1908, headquartered in Strasbourg ,France .It is one of the biggest waterproofing marterial manufacturer for building construction and civil engineering works in the world . It has more than 40 factories ,18 worldwide R&D centers, 5320 employees worldwide .Soprema has developed a complete range of waterproofing systems both bitumen-based (SBS, APP) and polymer-based (PVC, TPO, Polyurethane), available to customers worldwide.