• Company development
  • Technologlcal Breakthroughs
  • Global Expansion





          Charles Geisen opens the Alsace Latex Factory in Strasbourg and invents the Mammouth   

                    membrane, the world’s first bituminous membrane produced industrially.








           Pieer Geisen assumed Soprema's chairman










           Pierre-Étienne Bindschedler takes over the reins of the company, fourth generation since the 

                   founding in 1908. 









          Through the founding of its subsidiary Flag in Italy, Soprema’s expertise in synthetic 

                  membranes starts with the manufacturing of PVC membranes for agriculture works and

                  tunnel waterproofing, launching the Flagon line.










          Following extensive research efforts, Soprema modified its bitumen recipe with a polymer

                  named SBS, a discovery  that revolutionized the waterproofing industry, launching the   

                  sopralene lines.










          Soprema launches its Sopranature division specialised in green roofs systems.  










          In collaboration with Basel, Soprema’s subsidiary Flag perfected the manufacturing process 

                  to extrude TPO into waterproofing membranes.










          Soprema brings to market a new line of polyurethane liquid membranes called Alsan. 








          Soprema started its worldwide expansion by landing in Canada , with its first factory in

                  Drummondville, Quebec ready by 1984 to service the North American market.









          Soprema set up its first factory in the USA, in Wadsworth, Ohio.










          Soprema covers its first roof in China. In 2004 it set up its first office in Beijing, adding

                  Shanghai in 2008. 










          Soprema continues its worldwide expansion by adding offices in Dubai (2009), Australia

                  (2010), Singapore (2012) and Brazil (2013).