• Our Values
  • Our Vision
  • The society responsibility


      Integrity and Respect


      Integrity and respect are at the heart of our relations with clients, suppliers, colleagues and the community.






      We promise to aim for excellence in all that we undertake. We show good judgement, professionalism, enthusiasm,personal discipline, perseverance, team spirit and we are focused on our clients.



      Innovation, environment, safety


      Innovation and creativeness are essential to ensure our development. Our activities and our growth take ccount of our commitment to reduce our environmental impact. We constantly aware of respect for safety rules for our colleagues.




        OUR VISION :


            We strive to raise the standards of construction worldwide. Our systems provide long term value to developers, building owners and tenants while providing efficient solutions for contractors. Our goal is to achieve and surpass industry demand in order to become the leader of the industry in the areas of development, production, and marketing.









        How did it become "MAMMOUTH"


        This flexible membrane ,resulting from the earliest experiments back in 1909 by Mr Geisen:a canvas the has been dipped in hot bitumen.The finished product resembled the skin of an elephant.At that time in history,researchers in the Siberian permafrost found the well-preserved remains of a mammoth that had lived thousands of years before.While the scientists examined the prehistoric creature' s skin,Charles Geisen baptized his emerging invention "MAMMOUTH"(the french word for mammoth)With the tremendous subsequent success of the product,the mammoth eventually became the company's symbol.


                Soprema In the Community


        As a company with strong sense of its society responsibilities.We care for youth's education in this   country. We focus on their health and growth .Due to this ,Soprema has been continuously cooperated with Community Roots China to actively involved in the One-heart gift bag program which aims to help  underprivileged children in the rural areas of China.  Community Roots China is a non-profit organization on a mission to ensure that  every  child in China has access to education, healthcare, and shelter.Soprema's involvement via sponsoring One Heart gift bags filled with warm clothes, shoes and books to these underprivileged children twice a year.

        Every child deserves a bright future,Soprema do what in our power to help them can access the education and  care  .