At the beginning of second quarter of 2015,Soprema China cooperated with China Waterproofing association to launch its National sales meeting in one of  China's most ancient city Suzhou , aims to promote the concept of construction technology  are likewise important as waterproof material.The training was mainly lectured by Soprema's technical manager Sean Han ,and according to China's waterproofing market ,Soprema China had invited Canadian experienced trainer Stephane Seguin to take charge of the on-site training section . The training last for two days which attracted a large number of dealers came to observe and learn.The training was carrying out on three materials that is used most in the construction market which is SBS modified bitumen ,polymer membrance,liquid waterproofing membrane. On the scene , Stephane Seguin warmly encouraged attendees to get their hands on the materials to touch it ,to feel it ,to make it a vivid experience .Moving forward,the training will be held from time to time ,to facilitate the rapid transfer of technology and know -how ,to provide close contact with the marketplace and to enable new research results to be implemented word wide without delay.

With excellent quality and precise installation ,Soprema becomes a market leader in this industry,and how Soprema continues its success in world wide .