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2018 ESBUILD | Soprema defined modern architectual concept by its green products

News 24 September 2018


2018 Shanghai International Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo (ESBUILD for short)  was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 18th-July 20th. ESBUILD aimed to promote the application of green building technology, new products, new materials and new technology by promoting green building concept, technology and experience. The expo conforms to the development trends of green, ecology, comfortable building materials.



The exhibition attracted hundreds of exhibitors to participate and professional audience. SOPREMA as one of the delegation of green architecture and construction materials companies, brought green environmentally-friendly products to this exhibition.



SOPREMA is mainly active in the building sector, an industry with a strong ecological and carbon footprint. As we are aware of our role, we recognize the importance of adopting good practices that are synonymous with value creation to move society forward and guarantee the sustainability of our products.



As a result, SOPREMA has a duty to reflect on the impact of their products on nature and humankind during their lifespan, from manufacturing to elimination. For us, this reflection has become a reality, among other things, through the creation and implementation of an international-level environmental policy. SOPREMA is also determined to instill a true environmental culture within the company.


SOPREMA booth attracted lots of professional audience


SOPREMA green products covered lots of construction systems in building industry. SOPRANATURE green roofing systems, SOPRASTAR reflective membranes, SOPRASTAR R‑NOVA reflective coatings, XPRESS and SOPRABASE panels, and High Performance waterproofing systems are all solutions offered by SOPREMA that help the collective effort to develop sustainable roofing systems. In this exhibition, our products attracted lots of professional audience, they amazed at our technique strength and innovation.


SOPREMA has developed several green roof systems that can be easily installed on all of its waterproofing systems. The SOPRANATURE line stands out in the green roof market due to its light weight and low maintenance.


SOPREMA CHINA marketing supervisor – Airy Wang accepted Tecent Furniture interview


“All activities and growth must target sustainable development to minimize the impact on the environment”. This SOPREMA value coincide to ESBUILD aim. In the future, manufacturers, designers and installers should be partners working together to help protect the environment by making sustainable development a priority, We have confidence to do it better!


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